Hi, I am Elze.


Creativity Coach & Fashion Designer



Each one of us is a creator. Some create with words, some with hands, some with their head and some with numbers.



Are you starting a fashion business and need help with designing & the know - how on setting things up? As an experienced designer I can help you set up your collection and brand identity. 


Do you want to turn your creative skills into a business? Want to create the mindset of a business owner? Do you work freelance but struggling to receive the money you want? Then it is time get what you deserve: being creative professional and earning the money you want.


Every person deserves to be the best version of themselves. As a person you always have to keep growing and with the right frame of mind, you can achieve whatever it is that you want.

Together we are going to dig deeper into the creative business you have in mind. We are going to research your future goals and how to get there, starting from today.

Growing your business, starts with growing as a person and taking that energy to expand whatever it is that you do. 

And you do not have to do it alone. I am here to help you, IF YOU ARE READY FOR IT. I am here for you to see all the capacities you, as a person, really possess and create the business that will be completely YOURS.




your creativity coach.


Want to start your fashion business?

Do you have a vision of what your fashion brand should look like? Is your Pinterest board covered with ideas you want to create and pursuit?

It is amazing to see someones vision come to life in a product that they love. 

Of course you are new in this and you might want some help in creating that brand and making it as good as you want and even better!

Translating a brand story or a personal story into a visual concept, is my strongest asset. 

Together with you I will dive into your thoughts and create a collection/product that embodies your vision.




Problems with framing your work ?


Do you have a ton of creative ideas but no clue how to make money from them? 

Having too many ideas and offers can be a blessing but also confusing. What to offer to who and for what price? Who needs your offer?

The solution lies in solving problems and fine- tuning whatever it is that you do so it can become a product that can be sold.

First we have to find your niche and create your business around that. I am an expert in narrowing down niches and provide solution minded offers.

Together we can research who that client is and how we can create an offer that bring TRUE VALUE.



Scared to put a price tag on your service/product?


Do you always feel you have to negotiate and end up as the underdog in the deal? Are you selling your products too low and actually want to charge more? I know very well how that feels. It feels like you are doing yourself a disservice and you are.

Time to put negotiating is in the past, starting from today. A fixed price tag that reflects the value you bring, is going to be your standard.

The first step we are going to do when starting when working 1 no 1: raising your rates. The reason for that, is to create a different mindset towards money and give you confidence. 



Time to put on your business shoes.

Working for yourself means making all the decisions yourself and that takes confidence. Working on your belief system and confidence is necessary to make the right decisions for YOU.

If you see your client does not understand what you do and the value that you bring: tell them about it. Don`t be afraid to educate them. 

Let them walk away with the idea that they need you for this job. Show them your value by sharing your knowledge and efficiency.

Make yourself memorable and valid, because you are.