Let`s talk about the topic we all have a hate-love relationship with:


We all learned not to throw money out of the windows, especially when buying, let`s be honest: useless stuff. Unfortunately, most of us are not that good at practicing this.

Buying clothes, watches, television series, expensive food... it is oh-so tempting. Short-term satisfaction products seem to capture our attention the most and are goddamn sneaky. Before you know it you spend a fortune on a bunch of low-life quality products.

Yep that`s right: I call them low-life quality products. Sure, they might make you look better, or fill your stomach in a more luxurious way. And of course they bring that good feeling and fun for a day or two!

 But when it comes down to that REAL investment. The one that actually can change your life, saves you time and most of all:

BRING YOU MORE MONEY (to reinvest again!)

We seem to be looking the other way. 


1. Reason numero uno:


`If I spend 2000 USD on this, how will I know if it is worth it?` That is already a mistake. So in other words you are saying: this idea that I have is not worth it. 

To be honest, I was exactly the same when I started this business. "A website? Honestly, that costs too much!" (this was 200 USD... obviously no big deal).  

I was so stingy on my spendings so I ended up with stingy clients at first. People who did not want to pay for their own product. This as a result of my own scarcity mindset. 

It is actually a strange thought if a client does not want to pay a higher price for his OWN PRODUCT as this will be what they sell to their clients. If you do not want to invest in YOUR OWN idea and get all defensive on how much the cost is, you are a long way from home. Because that means no-one else will either and you will be left with a big question mark.

2. Reason numero dos:


Like I said before, people want stuff cheap but at the same time the best quality. There is an obvious contradiction going on here. You can NOT get the best product for almost no money.
You can NOT get the best service if you are not willing to pay for it.

Me as a designer, I create the product the client wants to sell. So that is an important pillar in their business. I value the work that I do and I know I will deliver a good service to the client. And I want to work with someone who values that too and understands that getting a good service will improve their business overall. 

3. Reason numero tres:


If you are a multi-talented superstar, go for it! But mostly that is not the case. If you are a business owner, good at strategies then you should focus on that. This will bring you money. 

It is important to learn to give away work to others and know your strengths an weaknesses. Don`t spend hours figuring something out you are not a rock at. Give it to someone who is and in the meantime you can focus on the part you are brilliant at. 

Once all these components come together, your business is going to be a melting pot of genius work, I promise you.

Learn to work together and set aside your ego or scarcity mindset, it will open many doors and opportunities that you never thought possible!


See you next time.



your fashion creator









a little lesson in fashion...

Starting your own fashion brand is an exciting but challenging process to get your brand off the ground. You get thrown in the deep and have to find your way with or without any help. By having the know-how in the fashion field and especially in designing something unique, I thought I could help you out, with some free info.
So let`s go!

The first thing you have to focus on: your story. 

Me? Yes! That`s right, you! In the big ocean of fashion brands you HAVE to stand out. The best way to do this?
Make it personal. 

What makes your brand so unique?
Well, the fact that you built it for starters... .
As we all know, every person has his uniqueness and you have that too. Transferring your personality into your brand is crucial to bring the people closer to you. 

Ok, got it!
Question: where is the magic key to do this?

Answer: It is right there in your fashion loving mind and hands.

How awesome is that?!

All you need to do is dig deeper in yourself. Why do you want to bring your product to your costumer. What is the value of my product to my audience and how will it improve their lives? How does/did it improve mine?

Some examples:

  • Did you struggle with finding fashionable clothing because you are taller then the average lady out there? Then other tall ladies must feel your pain and would love to be your costumer.

  • Do you feel bad that you have so many clothes in your closet? Maybe a capsule collection with the essentials for minimalists is something that would suit you? 

  • Are you into sports but want to have a sustainable lifestyle? An active wear brand with only sustainable fabrics and ethical production line could be your thing!

There is no shortages in ideas if you look at your own life and the people surrounding you.
Listen to yourself & others and learn!

That is the first basic ingredient to make a delicious fashion meal.
The other one is presentation:
and that happens to be my speciality :)

Having an eye for beauty has its ups and downs. You like a lot what you see most of the time and sometimes spend too much money on it as well. But guess I am not the only one?

Hell no! That is just it... the world is filled with people who love beautiful things and you have to anticipate on that.

Together we can create your perfect brand by molding your story and bringing the aesthetics together.

I want to find out about your ideas!
A personal story always entertains, so bring it on!

Wanna talk about it?
Do not hesitate to send me an email with your thoughts!
I am curious to find out your ideas.


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