Limiting our options... do we really want that?

In this world of abundance, no options are left out! Which is a good thing, it brings growth and prosperity to us. But sometimes these choices can make it so freaking hard. 

---> Who is also standing int the supermarket staring at the peanut butter options like me? When living in Australia it was a matter of finding out which jar had the least sugar and that one made the cut. But apart form that, every supermarket visit was a mission. They have sooo many options!

So what about fashion? One of the most abundant industries out there... .

FAST FASHION: A never ending stream of clothing coming in EVERY DAY. Did you know stores fill up their shops on a weekly basis (thinking H&M, Zara, ... )? That every three weeks a new collection is produced and that all that stuff GETS SOLD? That t-shirt you have from Zara is back in the shop 5 months later with a small detail change. You really think you got yourself something new?... Think again. And the other aspect of being shitty quality and low wage labour in 3rd world countries (more on that later!)

Jup, we are fools.

Or aren`t we? The fast fashion industry is blurry. Nothing is new, it is all about marketing. Advertising does all the work and the wallets run empty because of it. Especially for the female part of the globe... got to face it, it`s in the genes. 

Before I started traveling I was the same: a closet full of stuff that actually looked the same. What a waste of resources. I did not understand that then. So busy with overcoming my teenage insecurities by falling in the trap of the fast fashion monster.

But then I left on a one way ticket trip with just a back pack. What a change! Suddenly just a few things to choose from! And you know what I felt?


What a great feeling! No choices to make out of a dozen options. Just four options and by the end of the week only one because the rest was dirty. So much more time in the morning and feeling good in whatever I had with me.

How I did it?

I sorted out the stuff I really liked before I left. I made packages and thought about what could be combined with each other. That way I could create more then one outfit from what I had (which makes more options again but at least I was not dragging half of H&M on my back).


~ buy/bring three things you can wear in three ways on three different occasions ~


* Three occasions: think of a free day/a working day and a special occasion.

*Think of three items that you can combine this that you already have in your closet? You already have it... we know you do.

*Don`t bring more then three things back home, because that is actually an outfit.

example: shoes-pants-shirt or skirt, t-shirt, jacket


That way you do not overbuy and you do not overload (body & mind)!

After one year of traveling I came back home, I cleaned out my closet and donated my teenage past to a better cause then myself... and it felt absolutely great!



your fashion creator