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Client in a discovery call:

Client: "Hi Elze, lovely to meet you. Me & my partner want to start a clothing brand. But we need some help."

Me: " Hi there! Sure, how can I help? What garments do you want ?"

Client: " T-shirts & pants for men."

Me: "Ok, what type of T-shirts? What type of men are you targetting? "

Client: " .... hmm... not sure..., just normal T-shirts & just normal men? "


Ok, obviously I am exaggerating here. Most people have some clue of what they want, this was just to make a point.  And there is also nothing wrong with not knowing how to describe what you want. It is something I had to learn myself. To give ideas and descriptions `names`. 

This is very important when you work with a product where aesthetics play a role. Once you are a master in understanding this, the translation of your ideas will be peanuts. Giving names to ideas and concepts will help you a lot to understand what exactly you are working on and it will also help other to understand more what you mean. 

In my a previous post I pointed out that your brand identity is an extension of yourself. That you own all the tools to attract the right clients and make your brand reality. 

Then of course you go to find the right way to translate this to a visual concept.

Today as promised, I will explain you an exercise I learned back in fashion school. This is a really good help to understand what colors and images you like, if this is unclear to you. 

So here we go: 

STEP 1: Sit down at your desk, open your laptop and open your browser. Click on your Pinterest, Instagram, other peoples Instagram, google, your photo library and pick out 100 IMAGES. No limits, choose every image that you like, especially when you do not know why. This can be literally from everything: nature, your dog, fashion, your garden, cakes, whatever it is... it counts!

STEP 2: Once decided on your hundred, get your printer rowling and bowling. Print all these out and spread them over the floor. Go stand in front of all your images and close your eyes half way. This might sound stupid but is actually really good to see different shades of colors better.

STEP 3: Take pen and paper and describe the colors with your own words. Like: `cupcake blue` or `grandma pink `. Just go for it, whatever comes to mind. There is no one going to tell you what is wrong or right. This is a creative exercise, where your personality and uniqueness plays the leading role. Also describe the things that come back in the images. Maybe architecture or palmtrees are a returning feature in your collection. 

STEP 4: head back to your computer and find 30 images that are fashion related. Print these out again and place them above or next to your other images.

What do you see?

Do you see similarities? Are there similar colors or shapes? Again: give names to the shapes and colors that you see.

If you do see them, great! If not, no worries, the end is not near. 

Let me help: what shapes and lines come back? Are they fluid and organic or more rectangular? Are the colors cold or warm?

Once done with writing everything down, make a selection of what could be the inspiration for your first collection.

Split the words in sections: colors-shapes-vibe-subject-material

For example: pastels-organic-freedom-ocean-silk

Congratulations! You actually made a collection without even knowing it.

Of course the collection is not there in drawing and material, but you started with visualizing and conceptualizing the vibe of it. Trust me, this will make life a whole lot easier. 

Still need some help?

You know where to find me, just shoot me a message.