Time for a one-on-one, the reality check:

So, when are you finally going to raise your prices?

Yes, you heard me... . 

My dear designer, do you realize, that you, my creative soul, are the creator of the material world around us?! 

That everything that people wear, sit, sleep, use, live in or on is created by people like you? You are creating this so someone can feel good in it, a business can grow his sales and a product be produced?  Without you and your skills, there would not be anything to sell, brand or advertise, because it would simply not exist in the beautiful shape that you  made it.

I bet this has crossed your mind many times, but you where more focused on getting quantity in money in your work then quality of money. Do not get my wrong, I know you deliver quality in your work and that you do your ultimate best to bring it, but that is exactly the problem! 

And you will say: well of course I want quantity in what I earn! We all do! 

Let me explain:

Quality of money is not the same as quantity of money. You want to receive qualitative money for qualitative work, not quantitative for qualitative. 

"Ok I still don`t get it??" It is simple: BALANCE.

You should get what you give and no less. Quality always exceeds quantity, we know that.

But still, for us designers, it is hard to crack that code. 

The solution:

Stop working hourly for a design when you deliver value. Stop bidding on low paid jobs on those freelancers sites. You deliver something that another designer will not be able to deliver, even though you are both good at what you do. Your gift in WHAT you create, is unique!

And now, you have to show that to the other side: YOUR FUTURE CLIENT.

The client will try to pay as little as possible (not always, bot mostly), but these are not the people you want to work with. And guess what? By giving them not all that you have, by charging them less, they will also undervalue that design. SO IT IS NOT HELPING ANYONE!


These clients and designers who do not charge enough devaluate the market. 

And I was once one of them. 

Making a whole collection for a 1000 USD, for clothing that would be sold maybe 1/4 of the price. Yes, you can do the maths: sell this 10 times and they have it back in double. But that is not even the point.

The point is: I did not charge the value I gave, and so the client did not understand it either.

It is YOUR job to make a client understand what you offer, not the other way around. Because he/she does not do your job and might assume, coming from a place of not knowing, how much work you put in and HOW you REALLY help them with what you do, besides giving them a draft and an idea.You have to tell them this, be open about it! Share what you do, what you create and how far it brings your clients.

"Ok, and how do I get to that place?"


If this is the first time you hear this, then you better write it down somewhere, because this is what will do it for you, in every area of your life.

This bomb will make your mind shift to that others side, that you will not devaluate yourself in what you do and will enjoy every day what you do.

You have to be ready to let go of old beliefs that:

  1. you have to calculate by the hour, because you know, it is the honest way.
  2. you are not worthy of getting the amount of money you desire for what you do.
  3. your client does not have the money to pay you, because they have other expenses.
  4. you are just a designer, that that is your job. NO, it is your ultimate passion and life fulfillment to do this.

But most of all: are you willing to invest in yourself?

How sad is that actually, the moment you have to invest in yourself, you keep your wallet DEEEEP in your pocket.

You know why no one wants to pay that price you desire?

Because if you do not even want to invest in yourself. You radiate: I am not worth this money to improve myself, but you better do so, because well... you better..?! And not only that, you do not believe in how you can become that successful person that you look up to, because they where just lucky... and that is not true. They just changed their mindset and understood: what you put in there, comes back to me, 10 times more. But I have to be brave and ready to do this change!

The key of earning more for what you do, is invest in yourself first. BIG TIME!

Because quantum physics is real my friends, you get what you send out. EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE. And that works positive and negative. Get yourself on the positive side, and you will truly become your own hero in your life.

---> Want to learn on how you can do this as a designer? How to create that mindset so you never stop radiating it and that becomes your standard instead of: well that is the way life goes? Ready to raise your prices to what you always wanted? 

Contact me and we WILL talk about it, because this is my passion, but most of all my mission: Change the mindset, change the clients mindset, change the industry.

Want to be part of that? I sure hell am, and I am here to help get you to that place.

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Looking forward.


your fashion creator

Elze Lambrecht