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This week, I signed the papers to buy a house in Bali.

Ok not that fast! There is a story backing up the line above.

Only 5 months ago I left Bali to go back to Belgium and visit my family. It was a difficult period for me, my relationship had ended and I did not really know what I was going to do next, because I was traveling and working remotely with my partner most of the time and we made plans that now had to be replaced. 

So I went on a trip to New York, which has been the destination with the most impact of my life so far. I loved and hated it at the same time. New York has a work vibe that I never experienced before. It is called the concrete jungle for a reason. And I have to confess...I was intimidated. People do not live in New York, they survive. But this was EXACTLY what I needed. I was the right woman, in the right place in the perfect time. Divine intervention maybe? 

People there make a sh*tload of money!

That inspired me!

Some people judge money, are afraid of it and refer to it as unimportant. But financial freedom brings creativity of the mind and you can add more value to the planet. So hell yes, I would love to be part of that! Let me be clear: I love money, I love what it can do and what you can achieve with it. You can change lives when you are capable of creating a lot of value with it.

If you say you do not care about money, just a heads up: it does not care about you either.

Being in New York, in this jungle of stones and speed, I was reminiscing about Bali. The ocean life, the people, the vibe. For some reason the idea had grown inside of me that I wanted to buy a house there and that I wanted to earn money even by being there. Most people would say: " Yeah honey, we would all love to do that, keep on dreaming!" 

And you bet I kept dreaming, but not in only in my head! I felt this had a higher purpose (I am not sure what that is going to be, so looking forward to what this will bring in the future!).

I guess the universe was waiting for me to finally get the picture after showing me many places for sale when I was in Bali, but I just did not react to it. AND NOW I anticipated! The road was open to me, I had no one to take care of or think of. I started calculating, read for hours and hours and visualized how it would be to live here. After two months I bought a ticket back to the place of my dreams and started my search for a house, and I found the one I wanted in week one! BAM in my face.

This place is 200 meters from the beach, beautiful design and lots of potential.

So I decided: this is the one!

I made an offer and the waiting process started. I made up my mind and IMAGINED how it would be to live there and how I would feel. 

Then something interesting happened: 

***I decided to live the life I wanted before it was mine.***

In the past I was scratching and turning every euro to reduce my expenses. This kept you in that mindset that you will never have enough. Scarcity mindset creeping in again.

So I started to eat out more, bought a bunch of beautiful clothes without really checking all the price tags and went to the hairdresser.

Because clothing is powerful! Clothes can make you a different person within seconds.

It creates power, beauty and desire. It makes you a believe that you can be that person, because you already look like them. It is that expression of that inner change you want or achieved already. It is a sign towards others: I am ready to be the person I want to be, I know who I am and I want to show it to the world.

I also invested in two coaches, and online courses. Created valuable packages for my business and raised my prices. I wanted to attract the life I was imagining with the actions that I did.

That`s right, I was creating my life by paying attention to every little detail and adjust it to the woman that I wanted to be within the next year. Because I invested in something that I believed in I was able to achieve, with my heart and soul.

That is  the reason I created the Transformational Capsule Closet Package. A four week program to transform your style completely adjusted to what you want to achieve! Check it out!

---> Investing does not always mean investing money. Because that is the direct approach of investing. I separate investment in four segments: money - mind - time - energy and I focus on each one of them when deciding something.

So yes, stage one of the big transformation has started and I am looking forward to the rest that is coming!

And you can call me a money obsessed b*tch maybe, but the truth is. I believe in a higher purpose then myself and that I have a path that leads me to bring a difference in the world. And at this point in time money is a way to get me there.

Not ready to achieve your goal yet? Start with changing your mindset, your body, your clothing, your home, your activities so you have no other choice but being ready.

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