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I must admit,

I was not always a fan of the online world.

I deleted Facebook twice and It is only two years ago that my dad actually had to buy me a smartphone... .

Because I sure was not planning on spending my money on it!

 In 2016, I was leaving on a world trip adventure with undecided return date and destinations, so my dad thought it was not a bad idea to buy me a phone to be able to get on the internet. I thanked him, put the phone in my bag and used it for five minutes a day.

Without my dad, I would have left with my good old Nokia phone and a Belgian phone number if someone wanted to call me... . Seemed like a solid plan in my head.

As a big believer in real connections, in communication and trust worthy relationships, I simply did not want to be connected to people online! Because it was not real, right? IF people wanted to connect with me, they had my phone number or my address and they could find me there. Sounded good enough to me.

And this trip was for ME, nobody else and definitely not being hustled by people 24/7. But that changed pretty quick.

Being connected when I was abroad was actually fun! I could talk about my trips to my family and friends. I could research Tripadvisor and connect to people I met during my trip.


I actually became an online lover.

My world changed so much the day I decided to give online work a try. After 4 months of traveling, when being in Australia I decided to buy a laptop and start working as a fashion freelancer. Making 12 USD an hour, I was a cheap-ass on the freelancer website I worked on. I had to start somewhere. There where no guidelines to find or groups on Facebook to help, so it was a challenge.

BUT suddenly I was connected to a client from the US while being in Australia and I could actually collaborate with this person. A shift took place and I finally understood the benefits of our online society. 

Not because I could make money from it (while that played a role obviously) but I had the ability to connect with ANYONE who was interested in starting a fashion line and needed my help. People with the motivation and ideas to create what was in their mind but not in their hands. 

I realized I created myself a job and a niche audience who wanted my skills and knowledge to create their dream! 

And from there the ball started rolling. And I am so grateful for it.

Grateful for my clients, my job and our world where all this is possible. I work online, read online, communicate online and call online! This decision gave me freedom, which is priceless because it gives me the energy to give the best of myself to every new and motivated client out there. 

And yes, I still deal with people off-line too of course. It is still something I believe in but I understood my limited conviction kept me smaller then ever. These last two years have been so eye-opening, that I was a limited believer of old ideas. Acknowledging that and realizing that I could turn it around, was huge step in the right direction.

By taking the risk and confronting myself with these beliefs, I had to look at myself. It was not a beneficial way of thinking and obviously not bringing me anywhere. 

Luckily that has changed and I am open to everything that is new and out there.


Are you ready for it ?



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