What is `looking good` to you?


Some people have a very clear vision of what pleases their eye. One likes bold colors, the other likes simplicity and shapes, others are just liking things at random. But let me tell you: there is no random in this topic. The exact reason why you like a visual, has everything to do with you and the world you live in. 


Did you notice most people all of a sudden like the same things in fashion or interior or anything else that has to do with aesthetics? A style one might have in mind today, would not have worked a few years ago.

For example, let`s take the eyebrow trend in fashion last year: It was completely acceptable to color and blade your eyebrows to intensify ones look. If you would have been the only person doing this in 2008, you would simply be weird. But now, this is totally excepted and hell... you even look good with it!


People tend to follow up on what is trending at the moment, regardless if they would have thought this was hideous a year ago. Strange right? How fast a perception of a person can change just based on what the environment around this person shows him. So where does this come from?


Time for a little bit of psychology!


Billboards, advertising is all around. When seeing this, you are already influenced by it, even though you where not planning to be. It just happens. Suddenly these similar visuals are all over the place. BAM! It is in your system. 

Most people are afraid to stand out, look different. They are scared to be laughed at or talked about. So blending in is the way to go. They choose what others choose, what is offered. And the good old fashion industry decides what is sold in the shop. And people shop... a lot, so this ends up in your wardrobe. 

I even notice with myself: I disliked sneakers a few years ago... and now I have three of them (?).

The reason for that is: what you hear influences you but what you see of course does that too. Our senses are so strong that we replace old thoughts of like and dislike quite easily BECAUSE  this huge stream of info coming from EVERYWHERE.

So two factors: fear of standing out and the market out there.


Who decides on these styles, year after year, season after season?

TRENDS my friends! They are the ones who rule the world of aesthetics. Whenever a trend is being picked up in several aesthetic fields (meaning fashion, interior, make-up, photography, architecture... .), the world either embraces it or replaces it.


So who makes these trends? 

There is not one trend God, there is Adam and Eve of trends and many others who create and decide on trends and it is a short cycle before it gets to you. 

  1. The runway brands, the big boys in fashion: Prada, Celine, Chanel, Marni, etc
  2. The Street: style on the street from people who have a unique style
  3. Celebrities: constantly in the spotlight
  4. Fashion cities (New York, Londen, Paris)
  5. Bloggers: Famous and influencing bloggers who inspire others
  6. Social Media: Instagram models, youtube, etc. 


and most of all: YOU

You follow up, adjust and show yourself. It is just a chain reaction starting from somewhere far away from you and you pass this on without even knowing it. 


So what I want to say are two things, who are kind of a contradiction at the same time: Follow up on trends if you want to be in fashion, they make a difference. However...



And your client wants that too... so skip the average and go bold! 

CHOOSE YOUR STYLE and make your brand so strong that resisting it will be quite impossible. Your aesthetics are important, who you are is important and what you offer is a product of your whole being as a brand owner.  

Don`t go for expectations, don`t follow trends. DARE to be different, to bring your personality in your brand, your business and your vision! I promise that people WILL follow you, because they are inspired by what you do, what you sell and who you are. Make your brand/name/work ... needed and you will find great satisfaction in what you do.

But doing that is easier said then done as you might lean back to the average quite easily.

I have an exercise for this and I will share it with you in the next blog post. This exercise has learned me so much about my own aesthetics as a person. The reason why I liked some visuals more then other and why to embrace that most of all.

If you want to find out more about this exercise before I release it... do not hesitate to contact me and we can talk about it. This is a freebie... because I want you to understand where to start when creating a brand and make it appealing to others. 

Fashion means literally: a manner of doing something (2nd definition on Wikipedia!)

So fashion offers a choice, chose yours!




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