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It is very important that a cooperation goes well and both parties are satisfied in the process of doing so. For me, working in a positive environment is an important part of delivering a good end result. For that I have set up a policy where I emphasize on work ethics I follow to contribute the best way I can. 

* When discussing a project with a potential client, I take notice of what this person wants to achieve and listen to his/her story. From there I try to be as helpful as I can and make suggestions.

* In the discovery call we can discuss further and deeper about the project and find out if we are a match. Once decided on the cooperation, we discuss a deadline for the first delivery of the work. I follow up on deadlines and will make sure you have the work before or on the date of agreement. 

* After we set up the contract, with all the agreements on there. This needs to be signed and send back. All NDA-s can be signed at that time as well and I will send to you the client.

*There are two payment systems: pay 100 % upfront which offers a 5% DISCOUNT! The other payment option is 50% upfront - 50% in the middle of the project.

* Work is delivered two times a week, this gives time to the client to give feedback.

* I respond within 48 hours. I do not work in the weekend ( Saturday-Sunday ), so Monday is the first day where I answer any inquiries done on Friday. This also applies when we work together.

* I prefer to work with email or Whatsapp. Calling is done on request.