I cherish these positive reviews a lot, as they show me how I helped my clients further on the road to success!



"Working with Elze was a great experience, she took the time to understand what I wantend and was able to make any changes within a day. She also provided a great service afterwards. If you work with Elze you will not be disappointed." (Job: Graphic Design for High End Jewelry Brand, Amsterdam)


"One of the best freelancers my partner and I have worked with so far. Elza, is extremely punctual, patient, and was able to deliver top notch commercial grade work! I would certainly put her at the top of my recommendation list!!" (Job: Tech Pack for Active Wear, US)


"Elze was so fantastic to work with - I would definitely work with her again in future. She is fantastic at what she does - very skilled and knowledgeable. Elze was so supportive throughout the creative process and provided ideas to grow and make my line better. I have no hesitation in recommending Elze." (Job: Design Complete Fashion Line, Australia)


"Elze is no joke, you are literally dumb if you don't hire her for any fashion design work/tech packs. She has extreme attention to detail, great communications skills, and deadlines are easy to her. One of the very few people who are on top of their stuff and get things done ASAP with quality as a high priority. Will be re-hiring for near future projects." (Job: Tech Pack for Active Wear, US)


"Elze is awesome at her craft. This is the second time I've hired her and she did not fail to disappoint. She helped identify pantone patterns for me that I needed help figuring out in a very timely manner - fast enough to where I was surprised. The quality, speed, dependability, and reliability of her craft and character are superb. Trust me, hire her. She won't disappoint you at all! "(Job: Pantone Research for Textiles, US)


" I am so glad I hired Elze to help me with my design for my handbags. She was very responsive and always informed me of the hours of work it will take for her to make a change etc. which was very nice! I would recommend her to everyone looking for a designer and I hope we can work together again in the future! Thank you so much Elze" (Job: Handbag Design, The Netherlands - US)


"Elze is a great designer. She was willing to work closely with us and provided excellent service throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Elze for any fashion related project. Thanks ELZE !!" ( Job: Parka Design, Canada)


"Elze designed a scarf in different colour ways for us and she was great to work with. She was always quick and available, very accommodating in making updated and changes and she was also very open in sharing her views and information so I could as well learn a lot from her while the project was being delivered. Not only she delivered the results but was also a very nice person to get to know and work with. Highly recommend her!" (Job: Scarf Design, Germany)