To bring out the best outcome for your startup brand it is important to work with professionals who can assist you with the different aspects. For that reason I connected with some experts out there, who can assist you further with production, website, social media content, etc. Have a look at our remote team and feel free to reach out when having questions. 




Abby is our social media manager. She studied fashion management and marketing. After traveling and living in Australia, she started her business by working remotely. 

She will be helping you to set up an effective strategy and social media content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to gain leads and potential customers. Totally freeing up your time and using effective strategies by doing the posting/scheduling and engagement

Currently she is based in Lombok, Indonesia. Where she is living in the sun and surfing the Indonesian waves. She is connected to clients all over the world and controls English as no other as this is her native language.

She is the founder of WAVEVASTUDIO a virtual assistant who takes care of your digital content and social media. Next to that she also designs websites.

"Abby has been diligent in cleaning up my existing social media accounts and jump-starting my new accounts. She provides me the analytics to support what she is doing. She keeps me informed every step of the way. I find this beneficial as turning over even part of my social media is a huge step. Best of all, she helps keep me on task." Susan Ferrier Genxtraveler and Genxplorations

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I work together with Carminda because she has a real solid experienced background in the manufacturing industry.  Hand in hand, we can bring your product to a technical and professional level so it can be made. 

Carminda has been in the apparel manufacturing business for over 30 years and for the past decade has been working as a sole entrepreneur - sourcing, developing and coordinating the developments of new products and fashion lines. She deals with cost price negotiation, agreements on delivery lead-times and performance quality standards, in order to ensure a continued, reliable and positive relationship between the client and manufacturers.

A word from Carminda:

"Our manufacturers can produce on a full business basis, including the development and supply of the material, or on a cutting and sewing basis.

We have suppliers do to located, all over, sublimation, roll or digital printing, embroideries, garment washes and well as garment dye (marble, batik, tie-dye, eco-dye, sunny dye)."

Categories she has produced:
Men/ Ladies / Children - apparel - leisure, fashion, urban, sportswear, technical wear
Men/ Ladies / Children - beach wear
Men/ Ladies / Children - shoes ( classic or sportswear)
Men/ Ladies / Children - accessories - belts, wallets, bags
Men/ Ladies - Leather Jackets and pants
Ladies - Real Fur coats
Other products:
Towelling - beach and home products - towels, robes
Home wear - bed linens, tablecloths, duvet covers, glass and pottery home décor.

Carminda has a degree in fashion design and complementary degrees related to the manufacturing process taken at Modatex Porto (Production Organization, MTM, Industrial Technology, Quality Insurance, Textile Fibres Technology, Management and Statistic, Textile Quality Certification).